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photo by Eric Wareheim

photo by Eric Wareheim



I've make mistakes. Often in public.  Sometimes for money.


Born + raised in Miami by Cuban immigrants, Norberto Rodriguez began his career at 18 as a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist known for his disruptive + innovative practice. He works in all media + genre including installation, performance, photography, sculpture, digital, music, film, text + tenderness.

In 1995 he performed Lookin’ For Love, marrying a complete stranger for the duration of one calendar year. In 2008, for the Whitney Museum in NY, he created the month long In The Beginning… where guests were invited to spend 45 minutes with the artist in a seamless white cube designed on the inside to mimic a therapist’s office. His most celebrated project to date, the Bert Rodriguez Museum was created for preserving the most exhaustive collection of artifacts surrounding the late artist Bert Rodriguez, who is also the subject of a feature documentary Making Sh*t Up, due for public release Spring 2018.

Building on his almost 25 years as a fine artist, Rodriguez is innovating even further with creative projects that go far beyond the art ecosystem. Outside of creating artwork for galleries + museums, he is developing A School of Thought: a center for exploring how ideas give life meaning, + IP Division: A company providing creative solutions + services to consumers everywhere. Museum of Meaning, Norberto's studio in Los Angeles, CA is also home to The Waiting Room: an experimental gallery for private reflection + public exchange; Opening to the public in January 2018.  He also shares his ongoing journey documenting various other projects + his evolution as an artist + friend on social media @norbertoinc.


there is no waste in
a tidy mind, cleared of all
it's expectations