A record of my time.

This is where I post my continued thoughts + observations on everything everyone everywhere (including me) is doing.  It also provides the foundation for an idea called "A School of Thought." - a center for exploring how ideas give life meaning through classes, workshops, seminars, lectures + events + outreach programs hosted by the worlds leading thinkers. I hope to open the first school in Los Angeles within the next two years.


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01. I’m 42. 📟

02. I think I know the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. 🤔

03. I intend to collect + provide all evidence as to what, how + why before I die. 💀

04. I will share all my notes, ideas + experiences along the way through any + all available platforms. 📲

05. If I die before I get to sufficiently explain, It’s in my will. 📃

06. If you don’t care, leave me out of it. 💁🏻

07. Thank you. 👋🏼

08. If you do care, follow me. 🕺🏻

09. I'll tell you everything I know. 🎷

10. My name is Norberto Rodriguez. 🐛

11. I’m an artist. 🖼

12. I think. 🤷🏻‍♂️