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A term coined to describe a situation where #EveryBodyWins.

The man, is seated alone at the far end of a curtained off private area. Guests may sit with the man and ask only 3 questions.  The answers come in any combination of 3 available forms; a vocal response, a written prescription, or a meditation (eyes closed, silence).

From “For The Man Who Has Everything” - A talk show hosted by creator Norberto Rodriguez and featuring a variety of celebrity guests.  The show documents Norberto’s daliy TM© meditation practice.  Each guest is invited to join him.  Click here to be a guest on the show.

A project where the artist lived for 60 days inside a concept display room created by the Bedaga bed company hosted within the Pancake Epidemic agency.  Anyone from the public was allowed to make an appointment to visit and schedule an overnight stay with the artist.

A performance based project in which the artist reads a bedtime story, to the surrounding community within range of a sound system typically used for outdoor concerts.

An auction consisting of a curated selection of objects, artifacts and artworks from the permanent collection of the Bert Rodriguez Museum.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA., Bert Rodriguez Museum is a free, public institution charged with archiving, expanding and preserving the most exhaustive collection of known artifacts surrounding the life and legacy of the late, contemporary artist Bert Rodriguez. Now, our most intimate and personal experience ever, “#NightsAtTheMuseum”, is available to you, through Airbnb.  Experience your own life as art in our museum and be a part of the incredible life story of the only man in history who’s entire life became art; His own.

A site specific sculptural installation created for the ship Reflection.  The sculpture consists of a living tree growing out of a series of roots extending towards the main elevators of the grand foyer in the center of the ship, mirrored by a down facing, artificial tree which acts as a chandelier housing twinkling lights shining from the ends of each branch.

An interactive installation consisting of an all white, custom re-furbished arcade claw machine rigged to always pick up an object when played.

A line of hand-made couture candy jewelry for Saks Fifth Ave.

A commission by Beck’s for their “Live Beyond Labels” limited edition Artist bottle series which ran for an entire year in the US and the EU.

A project in which the artist is planted by a landscaping company standing straight up in the ground in a Museum sculpture garden from sun up to sun down.

A performance based installation project where the artist set up a public foot massage station in a centrally located area at the Frieze Art Fair in London.  Daily appointments were available for any visitor to receive a 10 minute foot massage by the artist.

A project where the artist and his mother, prepare a traditional Cuban meal to have available for visitors who enter the performance space. After the opening, what remains is the cookware and tools used to make the meal.

An ongoing project consisting of a single, site specific free-standing wall built between a father and son.

A project in which the artist created a white cube in the Colonel’s Room at the 7th Regiment Park Avenue Armory Building for the Whitney Biennial. 6, 45 min. sessions were held within the cube daily, which consisted of a conversation between Bert and anyone from the public who made an appointment online through the Whitney Museum’s website.  The sound from these conversations was projected out of the cube, into the main space, but distorted and muffled to sound soft and ghostly. Each participant was given an idea for an artwork that they could create which was inspired by or based on the conversation they had

An exhibition where the artist rented all of the wall space to any corporation that paid to advertise.

An ongoing shopgifting project consisting of buying an entire inventory of a chosen frame, creating an insert similar to the existing one, only with an image of the artist in a similar pose as the original model. The frames are then taken back to the store and placed back on their shelves without being returned.