A school of thought.

A School of Thought is a special institute founded + led by contemporary conceptual life artist, Norberto Rodriguez. Our mission is to help you master the art of living.

Offering apprentice + independent study programs for individuals + groups seeking richer, more creative, meaningful + productive lives.

Kind of like PBS but directed by Warhol.
Kind of like Xavier's School for mutants but for regular people.
Kind of like an art school but for thinkers.

We want tohelp build a better world

help people prepare better for the future.

more creative

more perceptive

more funny

help people see the world more clearly

help have happier lives

help more meaningful lives

more fullfilling lives

more thoughtful

more considerate

more sympathetic

more kind

more understanding

more empathic

more productive

A project I'm developing for an institute to help us master the art of living.  Kind of like a dojo, made of art, for your mind.

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