The present.

The present is an interactive, public installation project where every aspect of my life is on display, framed as a work of art + available for sale.

Artist, conceptual, performance, artwork, creative, creativity, creation, create, by contemporary conceptual life artist Norberto Rodriguez. CVO of NORBERTO inc., Director of Museum of Meaning (MoM), Founder of A School of Thought and CEO of Ip Division.

The present.

An ongoing series of live, interactive projects where I live my life publicly + sell all of my material possessions as works of art.

For Immediate Release

Sign up to participate in my latest installation at the Standard Hollywood through May 12th.

What a thought feels like

Documenting the conversations + interactions between me + participants in “The present.”

As long as I can love you.

A custom neon based portrait of you, your partner +/ your loved ones.

Everyday is like today.

A line of everyday wear for the week based on my own personal wardrobe.

However many it takes.

A series of paintings of the same object, one everyday for an entire year.

A dreamer of dreams.

A series of limited edition tie dye bathrobes I make one at a time, by hand.