The present.

The present is a new chapter in a continuing series of sanative projects launching with “In The Beginning…” for the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2008.

For the entire duration of the fair, I will live inside my installation, without leaving, until the project’s completion on Dec 9th. Anyone from the public can sign up online for a documented, 1 hour conversation with Rodriguez inside the white cube, + are encouraged to bring any object you wish to have transformed into an art piece during our session.

Artist, conceptual, performance, artwork, creative, creativity, creation, create, by contemporary conceptual life artist Norberto Rodriguez. CVO of NORBERTO inc., Director of Museum of Meaning (MoM), Founder of A School of Thought and CEO of Ip Division.

The present. 

Make an appointment below to participate in my latest interactive project happening in Miami, Dec 6-9th.

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